Our choices can make or
break our future

We decided to do something about it and take what is slowly killing us - consumption - and turn it into an ecosystem of local solutions. We believe every one of us can make a change with the right tools and structures, so we are here to create and make them accessible. Furthermore, we set out to focus on the following goals to directly impact this platform, our social business, our community of creators and supporters, fulfilling our need for full sustainable development:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We offer convenient, 0 emissions & 0 packaging deliveries.*
We offer seamless and effective packaging free deliveries.
We offer instant try-on, to eliminate emissions that come from returns.

*The last mile is one of the most polluting parts of the delivery logistics.

Support and empower the local economy

We want to bring back the power of the local multiplier effect, that enables local communities to thrive, by keeping money circulating within a city. With our platform we want to make buying local: simple, accessible, and sustainable.

Increasing the consciousness for sustainable business and climate action

Our ultimate goal is to tackle sustainable solutions sector by sector and find the most efficient solutions that are currently possible in order to close the loop and enable a circular economy.
We believe in harmonious business, this means a business that brings incredible value with a product or service to the customer and at the same time represents strong values for human rights, the benefit of our environment, and stimulates the local economy.
We believe in the power of Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire through creating visionary businesses that bring simplicity and convenience to people's lives. Furthermore, we created a Sustainability Assessment for stores joining our platform, in order to measure their impact and support their sustainable development.

Start selling on labels

Offer instant green deliveries

Reach new customers

Fight climate change & e-commerce giants with us

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